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Bags and Sacks

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Cash Bags

Cash Bags

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Coin Handling

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Imaging Machine Accessories

Imaging Machine Accessories

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Labels and Stickers

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Machine Paper Rolls

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Paper Currency and Check Handling

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Pens and Refills

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Printer Paper

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Tag Fasteners and Bag Seals

Tag Fasteners and Bag Seals

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Tags and Tickets

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PM Company was founded in 1905 by Francis O Neill, a young paper salesman in Philadelphia. The company employed eight people who distributed paper products such as adding machine tape, teletype paper, sealing tape and gummed roll stock. After integrating converting capabilities, PM Company became a full-scale supplier of small roll paper products in 1907. During World War II, PM produced 90 tons of postage stamp paper for use by Allied forces in North Africa. Through the years, PM Company has supplied business machine paper rolls and banking supplies for office and retail environments. PMs customer focus includes office products wholesalers, contract stationers, independent dealers and superstores as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers and other related resellers. The 1985 acquisition of Tel-Graphic Products provided PM Company with AccuFax®, the #1 brand name of thermal fax supplies. Through strong relationships with thermal paper mills and OEM printhead manufacturers, PM Company has developed the expertise to fully support the evolution of the point-of-sale market from impact to thermal printing. In 1995, PM moved to a custom-built facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. This location now centralizes PMs sales, marketing and manufacturing operations to allow for business and technological growth, flexibility, and exceptional customer satisfaction and performance. In 2002, PM undertook a major new product initiative, introducing SecurIT® banking and financial products, as well as Preventa® pens, the first line of antimicrobial counter and security pens available in the U.S. Today, PM Company is a leading national business machine paper roll converter and supplier of banking supplies and antimicrobial security pens to the office products and related industries. Their family owned business continues to be customer focused, building on their value proposition and remaining dedicated to customer service, fast shipping, strong distribution and outstanding quality at the best possible value. With advanced technology and skilled professionals in sales, marketing, manufacturing, IT and customer service, PM Company is ready to handle the next century of growth, profitability and long-term success.