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    Neo-Neon International (HKEX, 1868) manufactures a wide range of lighting products which are used around the world. Decorating millions of homes, landmarks, buildings, workplaces, shopping centers, and alike, with colorful and decorative Neo- Neon lighting. 2008 Neo-Neon will celebrate its 30 year in business. Neo-Neon International Ltd., founded in Taiwan in 1978, now sells the majority of Christmas lights to the world as well as other decorative lighting products to the US, Europe, and Asia. In 1989, Neo-Neon moved its production force to He Shan, Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland. The move enabled Neo-Neon to control production costs much more effectively by supplying parts, components and even packaging materials through its own subsidiaries, making the factories 90% self-reliant. Neo-Neon is also a major producer of hi-tech light-emitting diode (LED) decorative illumination products worldwide and has received many international awards for design and quality. In 2005 Neo-Neon entered into a joint venture with Geni Electronics of Taiwan, Asias first and top producer of moving head intelligent lighting and now offers a complete range of over 12 different moving head fixtures and numerous effects lights. The future of LEDs and artificial illumination is unlimited, and Neo-Neon future is certainly bright. Time tested and proven Neo-Neon will certainly be a large part of the future of illumination for the mutual benefit to their customers and consumers around the world.