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    OLD NEW YORK, CIRCA 1938. Viennese chocolatier Stephen Klein arrives in Manhattan with a suitcase full of recipes and a dream. How best to merge the traditional fine milk and dark chocolates of Switzerland, Belgium and Austria with the bold flavors and ingredients of his adopted home in New World America?Upon his arrival in America Stephen, established his famous Bartons Salon De Chocolat Shops in the New York Metropolitan area. These shops allowed, Stephen to spread the word about Bartons Fine Chocolates and as demand increased he expanded his line to offer a wide variety of Kosher Chocolates to local residents who love chocolate, but who also practiced Kosher traditions. As Bartons grew, it wanted to expand into health bars to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives to just chocolate, the result was the creation of our Disney nutrition bar lines that include: Disney Princess Bars, plus our NEW Hannah Montana and High School Musical Bar lines. After the development of Bartons` line of nutritional bars. Bartons` wanted to refocus on creating a premium line of chocolate products. And with the assistance of Max Hess, graduate of the Neuchatel School of Switzerland, a new chocolate tradition was born. Max incorporated Stephen Klein`s recipes and his expertise in chocolate making to create an exquisite fusion of flavor and the best chocolates in Europe and America to develop what we now call our Exquite line. The resulting new tradition of chocolate excellence has been applied to all of Bartons` NEW Classic Chocolate. Take a bite today, and rediscover the tradition!