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    WestSoy soymilk provides you with the ultimate health benefits in great tasting beverages because they bring 35 years of soymilk expertise to their wide variety of lactose free, cholesterol, calcium fortified products. Enjoy your soy and the many wonderful health benefits it delivers. It could be called a miracle food: • Soy may reduce the risk of heart disease. • Like dairy milk, most soymilk is enriched with calcium and vitamins. But beyond health, WestSoy tastes great. And it is easy to shop for. Just like dairy milk, it comes in varieties for every lifestyle: Plus, Low Fat, Lite and Non Fat. They also offer some more fun and innovative products such as Shakes and the low-carb Soy Slender and Unsweetened. With such wonderful variety, everyone can enjoy the benefits of soy, regardless of lifestyle or craving. They invite you to learn more about how WestSoy can be part of your healthy everyday life.