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    Individually Wrapped Cutlery

    3 Max Packaging item(s) within Individually Wrapped Cutlery

    From $60.95 per case

    Polypropylene Dinner Kits

    Polypropylene Dinner Kits

    From $47.35 per case

    In 1949 Kenneth McFarland founded Gadsden Coffee Company, Inc. as food service distributor. After years of experience, in 1980, Mr. McFarland with his three sons, saw a greater need for a quality custom packaging company. This idea has led to Max Packaging Company today. Since that time Gadsden Coffee Company, Inc. dba/Max Packaging Company has evolved from a distribution company, solely to custom packaging. Max Packaging Companys experience, hard won ON THE STREETS, has been and is being used to provide the kind of service that makes a difference to the distributor, salesman and end user. Max Packaging Company is devoted to quality, service and versatile custom packaging. Max Packaging Companys reason for existence is rooted in the food service industrys need for a dependable disposable packaging service.