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    More than your average manufacturing company, Bridge Foods, Inc. is the unparalleled choice in providing quality lush line of savory, mouthwatering condiments under the Ashanti Brand and distribution of Paper Products, Janitorial Supplies and contract food supplies. Their devotion to stead-fast, reliable service and bold, ground-breaking taste is second to none! Bridge Foods, Inc. a New Orleans based company has been in business since 1993. Within this period, Bridge Foods, Inc. has been able to rapidly and efficiently respond to meeting the requirements of their current and future corporate clients as well as upgrading and maintaining the satisfaction of their retail consumers and distribution customers. Larger than sauces, salts and spice their Ashanti Brand Condiments are just what you need to enliven your appetizers and quicken your entrees. Deeply rooted in New Orleans essence and flavor, the Ashanti Brand is the newest thrill to hit store shelves nation-wide. They deliberately gather the finest spices and ingredients in order to deliver the most distinctive and gratifying taste possible. From hot sauce to steak sauce, Ashanti has you covered! In addition to their line of Ashanti Brand products, they are also distributors of quality Paper Products and Janitorial Supplies. They are devout in their commitment to provide all of their clients with timely service and exceptional products to meet their business needs. Complete customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their mission. As their name suggests, Bridge Foods is all about building bridges. And they are committed to making your Bridge Foods experience a memorable one!