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    Back in 1925, Anthony Alphonse DeBole, a gourmet cook and horticulturist, began experimenting with Jerusalem Artichokes, a 100% starch free vegetable. He found that when converted into flour, the Jerusalem Artichoke remained starch free and that when added to bakery products, it provided a distinct and pleasant aroma and taste. By 1932, Anthony was producing DeBoles Artichoke pastas and baked goods for friends and family. This was the beginning of DeBoles Nutritional Foods - from his storefront business on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, New York. The company remained a small family storefront business for many years until the late 1960s when Anthonys son-in-law, John Desiderio Sr. and grandson John Desiderio, Jr., a registered pharmacist, took over and expanded the operation, formulating new product concepts for the flourishing business. DeBoles emphasis was to provide high quality, all natural nutritious foods with a gourmet appeal at an affordable price. In 1980, DeBoles announced that all pasta production would be centralized at its facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. The newly acquired 36,000 square foot plant allowed DeBoles to produce all of its existing products, as well as many new ones, under high quality and controlled specifications. As the demand for DeBoles products grew, DeBoles moved its warehouse and distribution operation from its corporate headquarters in Garden City Park, New York to public warehousing in New Jersey and California. In 1990, the DeBoles standard of quality was recognized when it was selected through random taste sampling as Americas Best Brand of Natural Gourmet Pasta by Chefs in America, an organization involving an elite group of Americas Chefs located in San Francisco, California. Throughout the 90s DeBoles expanded its product line to include USDA certified organic pasta and rice pasta which currently falls under the brands Gluten Free product line. The company also went through a series of acquisitions until it was eventually purchased by The Hain Celestial Group, headquartered in Melville, New York. DeBoles maintains its dedication to producing unique and delicious pasta products from the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients.