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    V.I.P Foods was founded in 1983, as a supplier of soup bases and dessert mixes to the foodservice industry. New products were introduced in quick succession, and a niche was carved as a high quality supplier to the healthcare field, as well as the catering and restaurant markets. The merger with KOJEL food Company led the companys entry into the retail, supermarket, and Private Label areas, with a complete integration of the product lines of both companies. All products are run on state of the art equipment, in their fully automatic facility in Ridgewood N.Y. V.I.P Foods is privately owned and operated by the Freund Family. KOJEL has been known for its high quality dessert mixes for over half a century and with its merger with V.I.P Foods in the mid 1980s, KOJEL gained entry into a broad range of dry mixes, ranging from soup to desserts. The product line was eventually expanded to include KOJEL Diet Jels, KOJEL Pudding Mixes, KOJEL Hot Chocolate Mixes, and more recently, The Soup Bowl, KOJELs very successful line of Instant Soup-In-a-Cup products. V.I.P. Foods Inc., has become synonymous with great quality, friendly service, short lead times, flexibility in new product development, and fair prices. Their customer base includes both large and small companies, from the supermarket as well as the foodservice areas of the industry. Always at the forefront, their research and development team is constantly working on new products to satisfy a changing marketplace.