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    For almost a century, generations of consumers have enjoyed a wide range of sweet Kraš products. Right from the start of production in 1911 till nowadays, Kraš has been systematically extending its production of all three confectionery categories – cocoa products, biscuits and wafers, as well as sugar confectionery. A long-time focus on manufacturing original products of high quality and satisfying customer needs and wants has ensured that Kraš has maintained its leading position among the confectioners of the region. Kraš flagship brands such as Bajadera, Griotte Desserts, Dorina chocolate, Animal Kingdom, Domaćica, Napolitanke wafers, Kiki and Bronhi toffees, and many others that are well-known to their consumers are the best proof of that. The complete manufacturing process is set up in accordance with the international confectionery standards and, in doing so the most stringent quality requirements have been met. Kraš today operates as a modern, market-oriented company with an annual output exceeding 33,000 tons of confectionery. More than half of total output is marketed domestically, while the remainder is being successfully exported to world markets. Development plans focus on strong export orientation, with special emphasis on reinforcing the companys leadership position in the regional market, where Kraš already operates through trading subsidiaries and through MIRA – the largest biscuit and wafer factory in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. High expectations for achieving the established goals are based on extensive experience and on highly motivated employees that are creatively focused on companys development. They develop their business by observing ethical principles and by building a responsible relationship with the communities in which they operate.