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    The largest low-acid aseptic manufacturing operation in North America, Amboy Specialty Foods markets a variety of ready-to-serve cheese sauces, puddings and nutritional drinks for the foodservice and ingredient markets. Our product offering include: cheddar, jalapeno and nacho cheese sauces, specialty cheese sauces that include Pepper Jack and Swiss, and a complete line of puddings for foodservice. Our newest addition, nutritional drinks, is targeted to consumers in need of liquid dietary supplements. The high-heat, quick-cook technology used to package Amboy`s sauces protects flavor and color, resulting in tasty, eye-appealing products. Aseptic processing also produces a smooth texture and preserves the product`s nutrition profile. Since our customers rely on our products for their great taste, quality, consistency and value, we make it a priority to understand and respond quickly to their needs.