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    Clement Pappas is the proven leader for superior-quality, healthful juice products for the foodservice industry. Clement Pappas Foodservice supplies restaurants, bars, healthcare, B and I and hotels with a variety of products to enhance their operations. Clement Pappas delivers: • Variety – 100% fruit juices, fruit drinks, lite juices, tomato juices, cocktail mixers, cranberry sauces • Versatility – their shelf-stable products are perfect for every day part • Innovative packaging – variety of convenient and labor-saving packaging options including PET bottles and cans • Coast-to-coast coverage – nationwide production and distribution for juice products and cranberry sauce • Corporate programs with all major buying groups nationwide Clement Pappas Foodservice sets itself apart with unparalleled customer service and invaluable sales support. With the use of marketing tools, they track industry trends in order to rapidly respond with new flavor and packaging introductions. They also fully support their customers with in-house promotions and activities.