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    As the years progressed, the family kept the bees, establishing a working operation of over 5000 hives in Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin. In 1984 the family changed the name to Groeb Farms and expanded their Onsted, Michigan operation by processing their Honey for the Retail, Foodservice and Industrial Markets. That same year, the Groeb family processed approximately 400,000 pounds of Honey! As Industrial and Foodservice markets appeared as the future growth markets, the company grew and the owners knew they must differentiate themselves from other Honey packers. Products such as Peanut Butter, Mustard, Molasses and Vinegar complemented Honey, thus Groeb Farms became a One Stop Shop supplier. In 1987, Groeb Farms bought another Honey packer in Belleview, Florida expanding their sales coverage to the Rockies. In 2007 another milestone was reached when a third honey processing operation was opened in Baytown, Texas. The Baytown facility allows Groeb Farms to competitively service their customer in the western United States. Today, Groeb Farms buys Honey from more than 42 states and around the world, packing over +250,000 pounds of Honey a day at its plants in Belleview, Florida, Onsted, Michigan and Baytown, Texas. Groeb Farms, Inc. has capacity for over 85 million pounds of Honey annually. Groeb Farms, Inc. is the #1 Industrial and Foodservice Honey packer in the USA and one of the largest in the world. The sales of these products were accomplished with 10 warehouses, over 38 full time Food Brokers, their sales staff, 6 sales people and 4 Groeb Farms customer service people. If you ask the Groebs, they will say they have been very fortunate. The success of Groeb Farms, Inc. is directly attributable to three things: • Nurturing a contented, productive staff of over 70 full-time employees who approach production with a TQM attitude. • Building a sales/marketing system that includes a company-owned trucking fleet, over 10 warehouses nationwide and a value-oriented sales staff. • Product quality, educating their customers and personable service!