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    Gilroy Foods and Flavors began in 1959 when the Gilroy name was synonymous with big, bold garlic flavor. Since then, their good name has come to mean a whole lot more as we have become the leading supplier for vegetable, onion, garlic and capsicum ingredients to food manufacturing and foodservice companies worldwide. But that is not the only way we have grown. We have matched their years of harvest-to-harvest agricultural experience with cutting-edge capabilities in meat science and savory-flavor development, giving their customers a single source for specialty vegetables and savory flavor systems. And because were part of the ConAgra Foods family, they ply their trade with the unparalleled resources, support and culinary applications expertise that help leading food companies create up-to-the-minute new products and menu items destined for success. Whether you need an integrated savory flavor system, a customized GardenFrost purée, a hand in tackling process and packaging challenges or a start-to-finish partner in bringing your ideas to edible life, make Gilroy Foods and Flavors your farm-to-fork source for healthful ingredients, flavorful insights and so much more.