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    Each flavor combination found on Kettle Brand® chips is so distinct and delicious they inspire a passionate following from their fans. Everyone has a favorite flavor, whether its on their regular, baked, organic, or tortilla chips. Along with their other healthy snacks, each potato chip flavor is crafted with care by their talented Chief Flavor Architect and taste approved by their founder, who made the very first bag back in 1982. Take a quick look and you will see an immediate difference: Kettle Brand® Potato Chips are a beautiful tawny gold. During cooking, the natural sugars of their select potatoes caramelize, creating chips from light gold to a deep amber. The results are flavors as deep and rich as the colors, and an artisanal display in every bag. No trans fats, no MSG, no artificial whatchamacallits. Who needs it when their obsession for potato perfection results in award-winning chips, naturally. Chips you will still respect in the morning. They are obsessed with finding the best way to create their healthy snacks and Kettle Brand® chips. Unlike ordinary potato chips, they use whole slices of locally grown, select non-GMO potatoes to make theirs.