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    Since 1982, they have had the privilege of serving some of the most respected, national foodservice operators, in the USA. THEIR PLANT capabilities: > They can create hand-held meals and appetizers, in their USDA, facility. Extensive HACCP programs are in place. > They create healthy foods that taste good. > They can bake EDIBOWLS brand, edible bowls, salad shells, savory cones for hand-held entrees, in hundreds of different shapes, flavors and textures. > They can grill, bake, saut? or blend. THEIR PRODUCTS include: > Appetizers, for the oven and microwave, that range from value priced happy hour to gourmet catering. > Individually wrapped, hand-held products, which includes popular Mexican, Italian and Asian cuisines. > Edible bowls, Tartlet shells and hand-held, savory cones. > Pizza crusts, flat breads and croutons. > Dry blending and sauces. THEY understand specifications and the need to adhere to them. They create quickly and deliver on time, every time. They offer national distribution, through Dot Foods with nine forward distribution centers, throughout the country.