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    Frozen Turkey Breasts

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    Every day more people want Blackstrap Molasses. The public in general, and the patrons of health food stores in particular, are showing an increasing interest in Blackstrap Molasses -- both for its distinctive flavor and its extraordinary nutritional profile. Taken from the third and final pressing of the sugar cane, Blackstrap Molasses naturally retains the rich mineral content and subtle, nutty flavor that refined sugar lacks. That is why a single tablespoon of Plantation Blackstrap Molasses provides no less than 20% of the US RDA for calcium, iron and potassium. Todays average American is bombarded with artificial ingredients almost constantly, present in the vast majority of pre-packaged food they purchase. Most of us want to eat more healthily, but its often hard to do so while maintaining a busy schedule with no extra time for special food preparation. But even if they can not always maintain an ideal diet, they can at least take advantage of simple changes in their day-to-day habbits, replacing key processed items with readily available natural alternatives. By simply replacing the refined sugar in your coffee with Blackstrap Molasses, you provide your body with an entirely natural, daily source of many key nutrients it needs. Moreover, Blackstrap Molasses offers the sometimes rare opportunity to make a health-conscious change without having to make any sacrifice in taste. In fact, many people prefer the rich, nutty sweetness of Blackstrap Molasses to the flat and sometimes over-powering taste of refined sugar.