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    Angonoa Breadsticks

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    Original and Sesame Breadsticks

    Original and Sesame Breadsticks

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    Founded in New York City in 1897, Angonoas is a family owned business committed to the production of breadsticks. They strive to maintain their family tradition of great tasting products. Angonoas dedication to quality has spanned several generations. Their family philosophy has always been to offer only the highest quality breadstick snack, which to this day are oven baked at their home facility in New York City. They have a saying at Angonoas: From their family to your family. And as a family business, they understand what families expect when it come to their nourishment. They are dedicated to providing nothing less than nutritionally wholesome food of the highest quality. From early on, Angonoas was able to distinguish itself, in a city famous for its food, by combining a quality product with hard work. It is the fusion of these two principles, which has become the foundation for Angonoas success all the way through the 21st Century. Today, Angonoas brand has become a leader in the food industry, and their breadsticks have come to be known for their wholesome goodness.