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    Aep Citibag Gray Can Liner

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    Aep Sealwrap Miler Film Refill

    Aep Sealwrap Miler Film Refill

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    Why do they make over 15,000 types of multi-purpose and flexible packaging films? So you can get exactly what your business needs, whether it be customized film products, industrial stretch films, or even high-performance specialty products. At AEP Industries, we are committed to meeting all of their customers packaging needs with the best product and service. As a global leader in flexible packaging products, AEP uses state-of-the-art, computer-controlled technology to consistently produce the highest quality flexible film available. Their research and development team can design film to meet any type of application, in almost any combination of tensile strength, thickness, shrinkability, toughness, surface friction, sealability, permeability, transparency and clarity...and they can create it in every existing form -- sheeting, tubing and cut, rolled or perforated bags. With their strategically positioned manufacturing facilities, AEP can effectively service every major market area in the United States with the best on-time deliveries in the industry. They have 10 locations worldwide, with 9 in North America, and 1 in Europe. Together, these facilities produce over 800 million pounds of film per year.