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Established in 1992 by a French entrepreneur, Good Health Natural Foods®, Inc. is a leading innovator in the natural and organic markets producing healthy snacks products such as Olive Oil Potato Chips and Veggie Stix® along with elegant hand and body soaps. The snack division is branded and sold under the Good Health Natural Foods® name, however, the hand and body soap are marketed under the South of France® brand. Originally based in New York, the Good Health Natural Foods®, Inc headquarters is now located in Greensboro, NC. Good Health Natural Foods® has developed a reputation for healthy living and creativity that has always resulted in products that are beyond ordinary! The company originated with Veggie Stix® which broke into the market pioneering and creating the Veggie Snack category, and then they launched the revolutionary Olive Oil Potato Chips (another first of its kind). The Olive Oil Potato Chips definitely made a name for itself as it was recognized by Oprah as well as Rachel Ray. Not only taking pride in being the first in bringing new and exciting products to the market, Good Health Natural Foods® delights in providing the consumer with a variety of healthy snack foods that has less fat than their traditional alternatives. The Veggie Stix® along with many other Good Health Natural Foods® snacks are 30% less fat than the traditional potato chip. The company is constantly traveling and researching all over the world to develop new processing technologies to bring the consumer the most innovative snack that is not just tasty but good for the body as well. The worlds first Avocado Oil Potato chip is a direct result of all that hard work and research. The Avocado Oil chip carries all the health benefits of the avocado into a crunchy chip!