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  • Italian Dressing

    Italian Dressing Product Id: NF414185 Ships in 3 days Cains
    from $28.15 case of 6

  • Mild Giardiniera

    Mild Giardiniera Product Id: OT549581 Ships in 3 weeks Mancini
    from $42.25 case of 12

  • Mild Giardiniera

    Mild Giardiniera Product Id: NF539387 Ships in 3 days Delallo
    from $31.05 case of 6

  • Piquillo and Jalapeno Bruschetta

    Piquillo and Jalapeno Bruschetta Product Id: NF1426311 Ships in 3 days Cucina and Amore
    from $23.95 case of 6


Italian Specialties

Italy is known around the world for having some of the finest cuisine. Every element of a delicious authentic Italian meal has been crafted to perfection for the utmost in flavorful experience. There are any number of Italian delicacies that can`t be found anywhere else on the face of the Earth. The seasonings crafted in Italy give a boost to your food that is unique to the Mediterranean, while the specially marinated mushrooms and vegetables provide an unrivaled kick to any authentic Italian meal. For the finest selection of these and more Italian specialties, look no further than Food Service Direct!