Smart W Oblong Chafing Dish with Glass Lid -- 4 per case.

Smart W Oblong Chafing Dish with Glass Lid -- 4 per case.
Smart W Oblong Chafing Dish with Glass Lid -- 4 per case.

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Smart W Oblong Chafing Dish with Glass Lid -- 4 per case.

While inheriting the legacy of our award winning SMART chafer, the SMART W series is designed for extreme high volume use. The SMART W Oblong Chafing Dish w/ Glass Lid includes food pan, removable base with fuel cup holder, einduction warmer and detachable spoon holder. Its clad bottom allows for even distribution of heat and that means less food is wasted due to scorching or drying out. The base can be removed so that the unit can be flush mounted and used with our induction or electric heat options. The self-closing lid helps to keep food warm. The water control system recycles the water from the lids condensation back to the water pan. This equals less refilling of the water pan, reducing your labor costs. You can remove the lid with one hand for easy cleaning. The handle keeps cool thus preventing burns. The chafer is 100 Percent repairable and replacement parts are available, making this a quality investment that will last for years to come. It has a capacity of 8.5 qt/8.0 ltr. Each unit has additional options available, which include removable base, detachable spoon holder, electric heater, induction warmer. SPOON NOT INCLUDED Going green made easy. When our induction warming system is combined with our chafers and urns, you only need 1.82 amps of power per chafer, soup or coffee urn. This makes our system the greenest in the world for heating your buffet, and enables you to run as many as ten induction warmers on a single 20 amp circuit. Having such a low power requirement will allow you to easily set up buffets in meeting rooms, or on the fly without fear of tripping breakers. Induction for Dummies. Your staff turns it on and walks away. Adjustable automatic shut off controller Auto temperature control between 170. - 180. Auto timer for 1-9 hours (preset at 6 hours) No fire hazards Consistent temperatures Safe and secure Heats chafers, not the room -- In Stand open at 90 degree total height = 25 1/4 inch -- On Induction Top open at 90 degree total height = 21 1/2 inch -- On Induction Stand open at 90 degree total height = 24 1/4 inch -- Flush Mounted open at 90 degree total height = 18 1/4 inch Features Air Vent on lid -- Minimizes condensation build up. Bolt and Screw Assembly -- Making chafing dish 100 Percent repairable. Clad bottom -- Makes this chafer induction, electric heat and canned fuel ready. -- Eliminates hot spots that cause food to stick and burn. Convenience -- Allows quick replacement of an empty food pan with a full one. Efficient -- Uses 66.29 Percent less energy than most competitors. Holds temperature at 200 watts with Smart Chafers. Electric Heat -- Holds an even, constant heat. Elegantly Durable -- Designed from heavy gauged polished stainless. GREEN -- Eliminates fuel use, can waste and ozone damage. Lid captures condensation -- Prevents water from dripping on food. Low Wattage -- 200 Watts, 1.82 Amps = 10 Smart Chafers Power Requirements -- Single phase, 110V, 50/60 Hz Removable base/stand -- Chafer can be used on induction counter or as a drop-in. Replacement parts and service -- Protecting your investment for years to come. Safe -- No flames, no fumes, no smell. Self Closing Lid -- Prevents cold food from an open lid. Stainless Steel -- Food safe and easy to clean. Stainless Steel construction -- Provides durability and strength. Temperature Controller -- Heats chafing dishes quicker than canned heat. Timer -- Heat continuously for 6 hours non-stop. Most competitors must be reset at 2 hours. Ventilation -- Minimal requirements for ventilation. Water Recycling System -- Allows for less refilling of the water pan.
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Smart W Oblong Chafing Dish with Glass Lid -- 4 per case.

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