Rollerbites Greek Chicken Gyro -- 24 per case.

Rollerbites Greek Chicken Gyro -- 24 per case.
Rollerbites Greek Chicken Gyro -- 24 per case.

Rollerbites Chicken Gyro

The Rollerbites Greek Chicken Gyro roll makes a delicious on-the-go snack. Made with Mediterranean herbed all-white chicken, this chicken gyro is additionally flavored with tangy feta cheese. Lightly breaded for a crisp texture, these gyros are an ideal buy for cafes, bistros, and food trucks. The bulk pack contains 24 Rollerbites chicken gyros.

Chicken Gyro

  • Heat-and-serve chicken gyro
  • Made with all-white chicken
  • Source of protein
  • Keep frozen for later use
  • 24 gyro rolls per case
Greek Chicken Gyro RollerBites 2.9 oz.
Preparation instruction: HANDLING AND HEATING INSTRUCTIONS STORING FROZEN PRODUCT For best performance, RollerBites should be frozen until they are placed on Roller Grill Receive all product directly into freezer using standard receiving procedures. Mark all cases with date of receipt. Store cases in freezer, at least 6 inches off the floor and away from walls. Remove product from freezer on an as needed basis. THAWING PRODUCT This is not preferred method of storage of RollerBites Thaw product in a refrigerated case set at less than 40?F. Mark all refrigerated cases with the date product is placed in the cooler. Store product in the cooler for no more than 10 days. HEATING ON ROLLER GRILL 1. Preheat Roller Grill on medium. 2. Place Frozen RollerBites on Roller Grill. 3. Heat on medium for 30-40 minutes until internal temperature is between 140?F and 165?F. 4. Reduce Roller Grill setting to low (adjust the setting to maintain local health department regulations). 5. To keep product hot, keep on Roller Grill or store in warming case for up to 4 hours. HEATING IN FRYER (To heat a batch of 6 thawed RollerBites) 1. Set fryer to 350?F. 2. Place THAWED RollerBites in fryer and heat for 3 minutes. HEATING IN CONVECTION OVEN 1. Preheat oven to 375?F. 2. Place RollerBites on baking tray. 3. FROZEN product: heat for 15-20 minutes. 4. THAWED product: heat for 8-10 minutes. HEATING ON FLAT GRILL 1. Preheat grill on medium. 2. Place RollerBites on grill, frequently turning to heat evenly. 3. FROZEN product: heat for 20-25 minutes. 4. THAWED product: heat for 8-10 minutes. Greek Chicken Gyro RollerBites 2.9 oz.
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Rollerbites Greek Chicken Gyro -- 24 per case.

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$47.95 /case
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