Pana Pesca Bay Product Scallop, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

Pana Pesca Bay Product Scallop, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

About this product

All natural Frozen on Board within 2 hours of being harvested. More consistent than FRESH. Frozen at Sea Scallops define the true meaning of DRY. -- 10-12 day shelf life at 32 degree F after thawing- Fresh and Land frozen Scallops have a shelf life of 1-3 days after thawing. -- Shrink or drip loss of Block Frozen at Sea Scallops is 1-3%. Processed Land frozen or fresh Scallops generally shrink 18-24%. -- Superior plate coverage and presentation - 6oz portion of Frozen At Sea Scallops is equal to or better than 8oz portion of fresh or land frozen processed Scallops. -- All natural Block Frozen at Sea Scallops require less storage space than IQF. -- Price stability - Frozen at Sea Scallops are more stable than fresh or processed Scallops

Product Specifications
  • Brand
    Pana Pesca
  • Sold As
  • Unit Quantity
  • Unit Amount
  • Unit Amount Type
  • Ships Frozen in our Proprietary Boxes

    This temperature sensitive item can not transit over a weekend so, depending on the day of the week ordered and destination, some delays may occur.

    No Returns Allowed on This Product

    Special orders are not eligible for returns.

Product Specifications
  • Weight
    • 12.0000
  • UPC
    • 614583584194
  • GTIN
    • 20614583584198
  • SKU
    • 230484
  • Stock Reference #
    • OTF520849

Pana Pesca Bay Product Scallop, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

$89.95 /case
Special Order Ready to ship in 3-4 weeks
$89.95 /case

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