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The Poland SpringĀ® Brand Natural Spring Water story starts about 13,000 years ago when a glacier retreated in what is now Maine. The brands beginnings in recorded history took place in 1793 when the Ricker family settled and opened an inn near the original spring. Descendents of the feudal and knightly Riccar family of Saxony, the Riccars drifted across Europe, settling on the British island of Jersey before finally arriving in the U.S. Two brothers, George and Maturin Riccar, arrived in the middle of the seventeenth century and settled at Chocheco Dover, New Hampshire. The Rickers of Poland Spring are direct descendents from Maturin, the younger of the brothers. The waters purity and perceived health benefits gained accolades as the 19th century dawned, and the Rickers Wayside Inn grew into a celebrated health spa. Hiram Ricker began to bottle the spring water in 1845. By 1904 the water had gained international praise earning medals of excellence and top honors at the Worlds Columbian Expositions and the Worlds Fair. In 1907 the first spring and bottling houses were completed and in 1913 the Riccar i.e. Ricker Inn opened. The Poland Spring resort went on to host US presidents Cleveland, Taft movie stars Mae West, and business leaders Joseph Kennedy. Through the great depression, two world wars, and the social upheavals of the 60s generations of Northeasterners continued to rely on the Poland Spring brand for delicious, natural spring water. Today, Poland SpringĀ® Brand Natural Spring Water is collected from several spring water sources in Maine. These sources have been selected for their similarity and compatibility in taste and mineral composition. Adding additional sources allows the brand to meet demand while protecting the environment.