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Almond Beverages

Almond Beverages

From $27.85 per case

Coconut Milk and Creamers

3 Silk Soymilk item(s) within Coconut Milk and Creamers

From $19.65 per case

Frozen and Refrigerated Yogurt

2 Silk Soymilk item(s) within Frozen and Refrigerated Yogurt

From $16.15 per case

Refrigerated Pure Almond Milk

Refrigerated Pure Almond Milk

From $35.25 per case

Silk Aseptic Soymilk

3 Silk Soymilk item(s) within Silk Aseptic Soymilk

From $21.75 per case

Soymilk Creamers

2 Silk Soymilk item(s) within Soymilk Creamers

From $32.85 per case

WhiteWave Aseptic Soy Milk

2 Silk Soymilk item(s) within WhiteWave Aseptic Soy Milk

From $19.65 per case

Whats behind your glass of Silk®? Nutrition, dedication and a whole lot of air. Clean air, that is. Why? Because every drop of delicious, nutritious Silk is manufactured using clean, renewable wind energy. Thats their commitment to your health – and the planets. Silk Soymilk was launched in 1996 and has become on of the nations best-selling natural food brands. Since their inception, Silks mission has been to integrate natural soy foods into the American diet through socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices.