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  • "Just what I was looking for!!! Will be ordering real soon.
  • D.S. (Poteau OK)
  • "This is my third order of these little gems!! I love them; I am on Weight Watchers and one package is only 3 points!! I can't find them anywhere in our area; they used to carry them at our local supermarket, Big Y, but no longer. The way these are packaged is amazing! I don't get home from work until 5:00 in the evening and when I opened that box, they were still frozen...after sitting on my front porch! Worth every penny of that shipping charge! That's why I keep coming back for more!! I will go to the site and leave my comments with pleasure! Thanks for satisfying my guilty pleasure!
  • M.N. (Southampton MA)

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Stainless Steel Measures

For years, stainless steel has been the choice in kitchen implement materials. Durable, lightweight, and long lasting, our attractive stainless steel measures will be your greatest kitchen companion! These measuring spoons, graduated measures, and handled measuring cups are designed with aesthetes in mind, to add to the overall attractiveness of your kitchen. Not only are these products durable and attractive, but cost effective! As they are also stainless, they`ll come out as clean as when you bought them every time you wash them. Don`t wait another second to obtain our quality measuring products!