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    Elvah Bulman created his first product in 1905, a twine holder and dispenser. Over the proceeding decades, Elvahs brainchild product evolved into a wide assortment of dispensers and cutters for virtually all types of rolled material. It was not long before Elvah, later joined by his son Orville, found themselves with a small but thriving company focused on quality workmanship, creativity and service. Today, you will find Bulman products in schools, warehouses, restaurants, and gift-wrap centers across North America. Those same attributes of quality workmanship, creativity and service continue to guide us and have contributed to their status as the leading manufacturer in their field. Yes, much has changed since the early days of Elvah Bulman but some things will always remain the same. Bulman cutters continue to be made from the same durable materials used by Bulman almost 100 years ago. Over the years you have told us of your need for other useful and timeless products such as packing and shipping stations. We have responded with several new versions of packing tables, affordable additions to your packing, wrapping and shipping needs. Bulmans staff members will likely have the answers to all your questions. Most of us are long-time employees who, like you, are proud of the way their products are made. Their durability means you will likely use them for life. If you are new to Bulman, welcome. Oh, and by the way, Elvahs twine holder and dispenser are still available.