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Tomato Salsa

Tomato Salsa

From $37.35 per case

Allisons Frozen Potato Salads

5 Allisons Gourmet Kitchens item(s) within Allisons Frozen Potato Salads

From $23.75 per case

Dessert and Dessert Bars

Dessert and Dessert Bars

From $39.25 per case

Entree Salads

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From $29.55 per case

Pasta Salad

3 Allisons Gourmet Kitchens item(s) within Pasta Salad

From $24.95 per case

Refrigerated Vegetable Salad

2 Allisons Gourmet Kitchens item(s) within Refrigerated Vegetable Salad

From $24.75 per case

America comes together for good food. As a manufacturer of high quality salads, entrée salads and desserts, we think about the restaurant dining experience, home meal preparation and social gatherings we`ll be joining every step of the way. From selecting the freshest ingredients, to HACCP controlled processing techniques, we know that your customers are our customers, and we`re dedicated to satisfying their appetites for great refrigerated foods. Even though Allison`s Gourmet Kitchens is a relatively new and fresh company, our management and operations are some of the most experienced in the industry. We started the company because we believe it was time to rediscover homemade values, while remaining competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Like crafting a delicate recipe, we have blended together an ideal balance of service, quality and value that is quickly earning space in food service operations and grocery stores across the nation.