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Garlic and Herb Seasonings

2 Tulkoff item(s) within Garlic and Herb Seasonings

From $61.65 per case

Gourmet Horseradish

3 Tulkoff item(s) within Gourmet Horseradish

From $41.45 per case

Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

From $48.65 per case

Chopped Garlic

10 Tulkoff item(s) within Chopped Garlic

From $54.45 per carton

Garlic Puree

4 Tulkoff item(s) within Garlic Puree

From $27.85 per case

Emperors Kitchen Organic Garlic

Emperors Kitchen Organic Garlic

From $47.95 per case

Frozen Aioli Mayo Sauce

4 Tulkoff item(s) within Frozen Aioli Mayo Sauce

From $50.35 per case

Frozen Chili Sauce

Frozen Chili Sauce

From $27.25 per case

Frozen Cocktail Sauce

3 Tulkoff item(s) within Frozen Cocktail Sauce

From $41.95 per carton

Frozen Horseradishes

12 Tulkoff item(s) within Frozen Horseradishes

From $19.45 per carton

Frozen Pesto Sauce

2 Tulkoff item(s) within Frozen Pesto Sauce

From $40.75 per case

Frozen Seafood Base

Frozen Seafood Base

From $121.25 per case

Ginger Puree

3 Tulkoff item(s) within Ginger Puree

From $27.95 per carton

Refrigerated Spread

Refrigerated Spread

From $59.05 per case

Roasted Garlic

2 Tulkoff item(s) within Roasted Garlic

From $86.65 per case

Ubf Foodsolutions Knorr Sauce

Ubf Foodsolutions Knorr Sauce

From $68.15 per case

In the 1920s, Harry and Lena Tulkoff ran a produce stand that specialized in supplying caterers with fresh fruits and vegetables. By 1930, their horseradish had become so popular that they decided to solely concentrate on producing horseradish. Tulkoff Horseradish Products Company was on its way to becoming one of the nations largest manufacturers of prepared horseradish products. Over the next half-century, the food distributor expanded its product line and its distribution network, continuing in the same vision of quality and personal attention that Harry and Lena sought for their produce stand. Appropriately, the corporate name was changed to Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. Tulkoff are kosher wholesale food products manufacturers whose product line has grown to include a variety of sauces, condiments, and spreads, such as prepared horseradish white and red beet varieties, Tiger Sauce a mild horseradish sauce, basil pesto, a variety of garlic products and garlic spreads, cocktail sauce, ginger puree, and compound butters. In addition to its own brands, the food distributor is authorized to pack private label for major food service buying groups and co-packing customers throughout the country. In 1997, to better serve its customers on the West Coast, Tulkoff opened a second plant in California. In the first quarter of 2008, the kosher wholesale food products manufacturers moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Baltimore, Maryland to better serve its customers and to continue to explore new culinary possibilities. Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. looks forward to continue making the products that, in the spirit of a rich family tradition of quality and great taste, make great dishes complete.