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    In 2001 a guy named Mike Gilbert had a bottle of juice and a dream. Okay, it was not quite that dramatic, but here is the real deal. Mike was a health enthusiast who exercised everyday and regularly drank orange juice to replace the vital hydration and nutrients he lost during his work out. But Mike found regular orange juice a little dull, so he always mixed it with sparkling water to make it more thirst quenching and enjoyable. One day sitting in the parking lot of his gym, while mixing his juice and sparkling water, he spilled it all over his lap. Why he wondered did he have to go through this ritual everyday? Why does not anyone make a carbonated 100% juice?? With little more than a dollar and a dream hey, that sounds a bit familiar and dogged determination, Mike decided to do it himself....and that was the beginning of The Switch. Mike is an inventor at heart, and moved on to new projects several years ago. But if you want to know more about his entrepreneurial spirit and the beginning of The Switch, you can read it all in his book The Switch Effect, a real life example of how to become an entrepreneur.