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Zone Perfect Classic Crunch Nutrition Bars

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Why is it, that when it comes to being healthy, the phrase no pain, no gain is so widely accepted? I mean, come on, do they really need to suffer in order to be healthy? They do not think so, and that is why they created ZonePerfect®. It might sound crazy, but they believe that being healthy and making smart, nutritional choices does not have to be a painful experience. In fact, they sort of think it should be something that people enjoy and feel good about. I know, pretty extreme right? Maybe, but they just cannotimagine that choking down wheat germ is the only way to go. That is why they have created the best tasting all-natural nutritional products on the planet. By combining the nutrition you need with all the great tastes you desire, they have actually found a way to make eating right a quite pleasurable experience. So go ahead and enjoy their product. But please do not feel bad about how great their nutrition tastes - if you still need to experience pain and suffering to feel healthy, just bite the inside of your cheek when you are finished.