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    VEGGIE PATCH, the brand name for FoodTech Internationals products, is making a big impact in the rapidly growing soy foods industry. In fact, since it was founded in 1995, Veggie Patch has become a $15 million business and is the fastest growing company in the $300 million meat alternatives retail category. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Veggie Patchs growth is due in part to two key events: in 1999 the US Food and Drug FDA approved a health claim to allow soy food makers to add the following statement to their packaging: 25 grams of soy protein consumed daily as part of a low-fat diet may help reduce the risk of heart disease, and, in 2000 the American Heart Association added soy to its recommended list of foods which lower cholesterol and lessen risk of heart disease. Consumer interests in soy products have surged as a result. Today the soy foods industry has annual sales of approximately $1.7 billion. Featured prominently in produce aisles at leading supermarkets throughout the country, Veggie Patch is well positioned to appeal to this consumer segment: American families wishing to make more healthful food choices. Veggie Patchs recipe for success is a simple one. They offer Americas favorite foods in familiar and attractive new packaging, with fresh ingredients and delicious taste, making meatless foods user-friendly. An added bonus of the Veggie Patch line is its appeal to children. Kids do not find vegetables to be intimidating when they look and taste like chicken nuggets! This means parents can feel relieved to know their children are getting the nutrition they need, without the extra fat, calories, chemicals and other modern-day concerns posed by meat--- its meat you can feel good about!