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    Bell`s is America`s oldest purveyor of premier seasonings, spices and stuffing. And it all started with Willam G. Bell in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1867, Mr. Bell created a unique combination of herbs and spices. It was a subtle flavorful mixture he simply called `Bell`s Seasoning`. Trading ships from around the globe carried his prized ingredients into Boston Harbor. Bell`s Seasoning soon became a treasured staple of kitches throughout New England. For over a century, Bell`s Seasoning has remained unchanged. Made with only premium imported spices, this original blend is, and always will be Salt Free and 100% Natural. Today, all of Bell`s products are made with the same steadfast commitment to quality as they were over a century ago. We still select only the very finest ingredients and mix in small batches to assure consistency, freshness and taste.