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    Beaverton Foods is a true American success story. It all began back in 1929 as Rose Biggi (pronounced Bee Gee) stood in her basement, grinding and bottling homegrown horseradish roots. Selling her zesty condiment door-to-door, she soon gained a reputation for making the best horseradish on the market. What started as Roses basement experiments has now grown to a family-owned, multimillion dollar corporation with more than 150 specialty condiments sold internationally. The companys products have won numerous World Championship and Mustard Mania awards and have earned prestigious praise from top culinary experts worldwide. Their company was also named Oregons Processor of the Year. Today Roses son, Gene Biggi, serves as President of Beaverton Foods. Gene keeps involved with operations and sales. He even created the companys Inglehoffer Extra Hot Horseradish Mustard which was named Grand Champion in the World Mustard Championships. Although the family business has flourished and evolved over the decades, Roses original commitment to creating superior products remains the foundation of Beaverton Foods today. So do her words inscribed above the office door: God grant us health and energy and well do the rest - Rose Biggi, 1985