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    Since 1995, Kim and Scott Holstein, co-founders of Kim and Scotts Gourmet Pretzels, have grown their business from the kitchen in Kims studio apartment to a national presence selling millions of pretzels each week via grocery store chains like Albertsons, Wild Oats and Whole Foods. In addition, their pretzels can be found at Borders Books and Music, Barnes and Noble, and via regular appearances on QVC, where they sold more than 150,000 pretzels in just 12 minutes when they debuted on the network. They have also been named entrepreneurs to watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, profiled by the Food Networks Road Tasted with the Deen Brothers, and Roker on the Road with Al Roker, CNBCs The Big Idea with Donny Deustch, USA Today and selected as one of 100 top urban entrepreneurs by Inc Magazine. Kim and Scotts bakery is located in Chicago and the first-ever Pretzel Bakery and Twisting Café is located at Kohl Childrens Museum of greater Chicago. In 2008, in partnership with the Womens Business Development Center, the Womens Business Enterprise National Council certified Kim and Scotts Gourmet Pretzels as a Womens Business Enterprise. For more information, please call us at 1.800.57.TWIST 89478.