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    All natural whole grain crispbreads famous for their mild, nutty taste and nutritional value. They are baked using only pure, natural ingredients, are high in fiber, low in calories, and do not contain cholesterol. Now Kavli has two new tasty flavors, Crispy Pesto and Southwestern Chili Garlic. A great alternative to breads, crackers, and other snack foods. Kavli crispbreads are produced according to the traditional Norwegian baking process. Therefore, Kavli crispbreads are yeast free. Conventional manufacturers use yeast in the baking process to get air into the dough to make the product fluffier and more delicate. Kavli dough is stirred and mixed under low temperatures using Rye flour and water. During this process the Rye flour absorbs air providing Kavli with the same quality results without the use of yeast. Kavli crispbreads are a perfect choice for consumers with yeast allergies.