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    Thank you for visiting One Word Coffee. They are a partnership between people who have sought to made a difference with their lives and the lives of others. After extensive research, they discovered a coffee roaster who is committed to the highest quality standards and committed to making a difference too. And that roaster is Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea. While this web site is new, Vermont Artisan Coffee has been involved in the gourmet coffee business for a very long time. Their mission is to provide the absolute highest quality coffee in the world, coffee that is purchased directly by them from either the actual farmers or the farmers cooperatives, supporting and sometimes exceeding the socially responsible purchasing model such as Fair Trade, Cup of Excellence, and Rain Forest Alliance programs. As Coffee Roasters, they are craftsmen, working to the standards of the old roast masters, extracting all the complex full flavor of the bean itself. Never over-roasted, always perfect. They roast and ship to order for same day freshness and incomparable full flavor As Tea Packers, they are equally committed to offering you a great cup of tea. As Tea Packers, they select from rare small harvests of lush, full leaves from India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan. They buy in small quantities to ensure freshness and high quality. Never settle for ground stale leaves in a bag ~ You deserve the best in your cup. What makes OWC different from the hundreds of other coffee businesses out there? They would like to say its the TLC that goes into every aspect of their business. Whether its providing you some of the worlds best coffees roasted to perfection, the latest brews and news about coffee, or scenes and stories from source. Every year, their roaster makes numerous trips all over the world to exotic locations to learn about, and taste delicious new coffees. Their roaster personally visits the beautiful, remote locations where the coffee is grown, meeting the farmers and their families who grow the coffee. Their coffee is roasted in the Vermont Artisan Coffee state of the art facility in the peaceful beauty of central Vermont. The entire process is something to be very proud of and they stand in back of it with their 100% guarantee. They believe that you will taste this secret ingredient in their coffees, this TLC and that you too will become part of their growing family that spans the Earth. They offer coffees that have earned the Silver Medal!