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Frozen Bagels

4 Rudis item(s) within Frozen Bagels

From $67.45 per case

Frozen Breads

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From $38.95 per case

Frozen Organic Breads

Frozen Organic Breads

From $57.55 per case

Gourmet English Muffins

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From $40.75 per case

Gourmet Sandwich Wraps

Gourmet Sandwich Wraps

From $69.75 per case

Gourmet Tortillas

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From $78.05 per case

Organic and Natural Breads

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From $46.65 per case

Organic Hot Dog Rolls

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From $38.15 per case

Rudis Organic Hamburger Buns

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From $39.55 per case

Rudis Organic Sandwich Breads

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From $46.65 per case

Rudis Organic Tortillas

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From $69.75 per case

Sandwich Flats and Breads

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From $53.05 per case

Spelt Breads

2 Rudis item(s) within Spelt Breads

From $51.55 per case

The quest to fill a niche for great homemade-tasting bread began over 30 years ago in 1976 when they began selling breads, cookies, donuts and other baked goods out of a tiny shop in Boulder, Colorado. Their bakery soon became known for nutritious, flavorful, preservative-free baked goods. In 1991, their bakery began using organic ingredients and by 1998, they decided to participate in the national organic certification program — long before the official national organic standards were finalized. Currently, all of their breads carry the USDA certified organic seal because they contain between 95% to 100% organic ingredients. Today, they create their baked goods in a state-of-the-art bakery in Boulder, Colorado. They are proud that they have adhered to their mission to produce high-quality, great-tasting certified organic products using century old techniques along with modern baking methods which enhance the quality of their products.