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    For the past 15 years, the visionaries behind Salba® have been perfecting the balance of science and agriculture necessary to produce Natures Perfect Whole Food. They are passionate about providing only the highest quality product to their customers. Salba® is farmed in the planets most optimal climate for the crop: the desert coast of Peru. Salba® is germinated using a drip irrigation system, ensuring an even dispersal of water over the entirety of the crop, just as the ancients did. Salba® is an heirloom crop, which means that only the most nutrient dense seeds are harvested and re-planted to continually yield the most nutrient dense whole food on the planet. Soil is rigorously tested to find the most ideal locations for the next harvest. Salba® is harvested at full maturity, guaranteeing the seeds contain the highest density of nutrients. Other purveyors of ancient grains will harvest early to produce more crop and make more money. That is not their style. Salba® is the subject of numerous clinical studies that guarantee its efficacy. Salba® is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber found in nature. Salba® has less than 0.5 net carbohydrates per serving. It is all-natural, has no trans-fat, is gluten free, has almost no carbohydrates and is certified Non-GMO genetically modified organism. Salba® is the only ancient grain for which there are acute and long-term human nutritional studies. Clinical results indicate the great health potential of Salba® as a functional food, to be used as a novel agent in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Salba® is the only ancient grain that holds a medical patent. 60-274.256 This invention is in the field of the management of diabetes and is concerned with dietary approaches to such management. It is concerned with methods of improving associated metabolic abnormalities, specifically with Salba®, and methods of use in these seeds in lowering blood pressure, blood glucose and post-prandial glycemia. Also it is associated with helping risk factors such as inflammatory factors hi-C reactive protein, coagulation fibrinogen, factor VIII, Von Willebrant and fibronolytic factors such as t-PA, iron status and endothelial function.