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    They have been making natural body care products for over 25 years, and have always been guided by one principle, to try their hardest to make something special. Earth Science is a business, but it is much more than that to us. This is their creation, their craft, their profession, and they care deeply about what they do. With every product they formulate, they set out to make something that will work better than anything else out there, and then they price it fairly. They never compromise on quality. Times change, tastes change and they change with them. However, one thing never changes: They are always motivated to make the best products, using the finest, most effective, natural ingredients. They care about you, their customers, and about the planet they all share. While so many other companies are owned by large corporate parents, they remain a family business, and they put their human hearts into the products they make. They are motivated to make a positive contribution to your life, and to their planet. Thank you for using their products, Kenneth Grand