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Frozen Breads

2 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Frozen Breads

From $51.55 per case

Frozen Burritos and Wraps

4 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Frozen Burritos and Wraps

From $43.05 per case

Frozen Pizza

3 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Frozen Pizza

From $41.95 per case

Gourmet Pocket Sandwich

2 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Gourmet Pocket Sandwich

From $47.65 per case

Instant Oatmeal

12 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Instant Oatmeal

From $28.45 per case

Organic and Natural Granolas

3 GlutenFreeda item(s) within Organic and Natural Granolas

From $43.15 per case

Glutenfreeda Foods, Inc. is a unique wheat/gluten-free food manufacturer producing gourmet gluten-free products that taste absolutely authentic. They are committed to producing the highest quality gluten/wheat-free foods using natural, wholesome ingredients. All their products are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, eliminating any potential for cross-contamination. They take your health concerns very seriously.