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Frozen Gardein Meatless Meat

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Frozen Meatless Meat

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Frozen Veggie Burgers

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Meat Free Meals and Snacks

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Garden Protein International is the ingredient manufacturer of a new generation meat alternative for use in a wide range of manufacturing and foodservice applications. Made entirely from vegetable sources, this versatile new product is ideal for todays evolving diet and lifestyle needs. Their 30,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Vancouver (Richmond), BC is where they blend art and science. Using leading-edge proprietary technology, wheat and soy are transformed into shapes, textures and flavors that are familiar to and sought out by consumers. Gardein™ is being used by leading chefs, institutional foodservice and prepared food manufacturers. The product can be found in the fresh or frozen entrée sections at the supermarket and is used in universities, hospitals as well as a range of restaurants.