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    The idea for Inkos White Iced Tea was born out of three facts: 1. There is no premium, white-tea-focused beverage company dedicated to bringing white tea and white tea only ready-to-drink beverages to people, 2. There is no better tasting tea on the market (in their humble opinion of course) and, 3. There is a lot of early-stage, medical research concerning White Tea. The backstory is that my wife Cecille had been making gallons of tea for me a few summers ago. One day, they ran out and, for the first time in my life, I found myself craving for a drink not out of necessity but from a real desire. Figuring that leaves to make iced tea can be found anywhere in their Manhattan neighborhood, I asked: Wheres my tea woman? (just kidding). To make a long story short, Cecille told me that this was a white tea she found in Chinatown and that it was very rare and the store was out of it. After searching to buy some on the Internet, I stumbled upon white teas health benefits, and the idea to bring this great tea, and my wifes recipe, to as many people as possible just took hold. I believe in white tea. Can it cure cancer? Wow, that would be great. Yet, as you and I know, theres big difference between rat assays and testing in humans and they are probably a long way away from scientifically determining its healthy effects. I can promise you this though. You and I will donate a portion of each bottle of Inkos sold to white-tea cancer research. All you have to do is buy the drink (theyll take care of the donation!). I hope you enjoy their flavors of Inkos White Tea. It is really a great tasting product that they put tremendous effort in bringing to you.