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Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk Chocolate Bars

From $102.55 per Case

Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks

From $52.55 per case

Chewy Candy

4 Brachs item(s) within Chewy Candy

From $40.35 per Case

Chocolate Candy Pieces

2 Brachs item(s) within Chocolate Candy Pieces

From $46.05 per case

Chocolate Covered Fruit

3 Brachs item(s) within Chocolate Covered Fruit

From $46.05 per case

Chocolate Covered Nuts

9 Brachs item(s) within Chocolate Covered Nuts

From $25.65 per Case

Ferrara Candy

12 Brachs item(s) within Ferrara Candy

From $22.45 per case

Ferrara Pan Packed Candy

7 Brachs item(s) within Ferrara Pan Packed Candy

From $40.15 per case

Gel and Fruit Candies

2 Brachs item(s) within Gel and Fruit Candies

From $40.55 per case

Gummy Candy

5 Brachs item(s) within Gummy Candy

From $30.35 per Case

Hard Candy

8 Brachs item(s) within Hard Candy

From $32.45 per Case

Jelly Candies

4 Brachs item(s) within Jelly Candies

From $30.35 per case

Mint Hard Candy

3 Brachs item(s) within Mint Hard Candy

From $40.35 per case

Seasonal Candies

Seasonal Candies

From $58.25 per case


3 Brachs item(s) within Taffy

From $27.25 per case

Since its inception on February 20, 2002, Farleys and Sathers Candy Company, Inc. has become one of the top 25 manufacturers of confections in the world. Headquartered in Round Lake, Minnesota, Farleys and Sathers Candy Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality confectionery and gum products, offering full line, full service opportunities to all classes of trade in the United States. The companys success in the industry, experience with acquisitions, and significant capital resources established Farleys and Sathers Candy Company as a leader in the confection industry. Farleys and Sathers Candy Company has developed its business both through internal growth and through the acquisitions of famous confectionery brands, including FARLEYS®, SATHERS®, HEIDE®, JUJYFRUITS®, NOW AND LATER®, BOBS®, SWEET STRIPES®, SUPER BUBBLE®, FRUIT STRIPE®, RAIN-BLO®, TROLLI®, CHUCKLES®, AND BRACHS®. For a complete list of their famous brands, check out their legal section under All about Farleys and Sathers. Currently an independently owned business, Farleys and Sathers Candy Company, Inc. was formed by Catterton Partners - a private equity firm. Catterton partnered with Insight holdings (a management group with extensive industry knowledge) and the experienced management team at Farleys and Sathers Candy Company to launch a strategy of growth, establishing the significant portfolio of candy and gum brands offered by Farleys and Sathers today.