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Sparkling Fruit Juice

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Energy Drink and Drink Mix

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Hi Ball Energy Soda Water

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Organic Energy Drinks

Organic Energy Drinks

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Hiball was founded by Todd Berardi in 2004 with the concept to provide consumers with a healthy, clean, refreshing boost of energy without having to sacrifice taste. Hiball is quickly developing and leading a new category of beverages: Sparkling Energy Water. Hiball is the only energy drink made without sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The Hiball team proudly supports a variety of non-profit organizations, charitable events, and super-human athletes. Their logo, screen printed glass bottles and packaging were designed by Todds wife, Alyssa Warnock. Their web site was designed and created by one of their Hiball Pro Athletes, Steve Holmes at Energi Design. Thanks to all of their fans out there who take the time to write to us about your love for Hiball Energy!