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    From my earliest memories, my mother, Helen Moore, has cooked with the spirit of adventure. Mom wanted us healthy and happy, so she enthusiastically prepared their vegetarian meals from scratch, using only fresh, natural ingredients. She wanted her dishes to be not only nutritious, but beautiful and appetizing. If Helen learned that something was healthy, she transformed it into a delicious entrée and served it with flair. The sounds of chopping, clanking and singing, with the irresistible aromas wafting from the kitchen, lured my (meat-eating) friends to their family table, where Mom served a delicious meal. After their first mouth-watering bite, she had new converts to her delicious and healthy vegetarian cooking. It was Helens tofu steaks that drew the most praise. Nobody could fathom how she made tofu taste so good. Guests quizzed her: Helen, this tastes amazing! Is it really tofu? Her eyes would light up as she enthusiastically outlined the health benefits of tofu to anyone who would listen. By the end of the evening, her guests would ask for another dinner date to enjoy Helens fabulous tofu steaks. During my entrepreneurial university studies, my father and my professors encouraged me to research and produce a project using my moms Tofu Steaks. When I asked her if I could use her name and her steaks for my project, she laughed. Stephen, she said, you can use my name for your company if you promise that when the steaks are produced for market, they will still taste as delicious as they do fresh out of my kitchen. In March 2002, I took her up on her offer and created Helens Foods, Inc to take moms tofu steaks to the marketplace, creating a company around her philosophy of taste and nutrition. I am proud to say that after Helens Foods created a way to mass-produce moms Tofu Steaks, she admitted that their steaks tasted better than the original! Their mission is to bring the extraordinary nutritional benefit of whole soy to every home through their fully-flavored gourmet Tofu Steaks. Their vision is to be the household name in vegetarian food products and provide consumers with the complete meal experience.