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    Health is Wealth Inc. is a Williamstown, N.J.-based natural foods company. More than just a catchy name, the company is a reflection of its owners driving philosophy that has guided them to success in the Natural Foods industry. Company President Val Vasilief — a Mr. America and a Mr. Universe title-holder — has long known the benefits of natural foods and healthy eating. His partner, Jerry Colt, has an extensive background in food manufacturing. In 1979, they set up shop in Williamstown and began Health is Wealth. The company started with a line of frozen chicken and turkey products, and soon added a specialty deli line featuring uncured, No-Nitrate Hot Dogs and Fresh-Pork Bacon. This led to prepared snack foods such as Whole-Wheat Chicken Nuggets and Patties. With vegetarianism on the rise in the 1970s, Health is Wealth tapped into a growing consumer demand by introducing a line of All-Natural Egg Rolls and Mini Egg Rolls known today as Munchees. Egg Rolls and Munchees are wheat wrapped and filled with garden vegetables and no-fat soy cheese. Munchees have similar fillings but in an easier and fun-to-hold shape and size. Their Asian line of products also answers the preference for meatless, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Favorites such as Spring Rolls, Potstickers, and Vegetable Eggroll help satisfy a need for low-fat snack foods. These products can serve as a light entrée when served with rice or a salad. They are all vegan. Health is Wealth introduced Vegan Chicken-Free Nuggets in 1996. Chicken-Free products address consumer demand for non-meat and non-meat-derived products. (Veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to avoid the use of products derived from or tested on animals. Vegans also avoid leather, wool, honey, lanolin, casein and whey, to name a few lesser-known animal ingredients.) Chicken-Free Nuggets, Patties, and Buffalo Wings have all the taste of meat but in a Vegan form derived from healthful soy protein. Whether it be Vegetarian, Vegan, or All Natural, you are sure to find it within Health is Wealths ever-growing line of wholesome and healthy Natural Food products. The very Best of 30 Years of Health is Wealth products can be found in natural-food stores and supermarkets throughout the United States.