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    This mother and daughter business started with the arrival of a first baby, Ezekiel. While waiting for his arrival the mother started to look into cloth diapers to save money and found she could save a lot more. She could help save the environment and his health. Considering it takes disposables 75 years to decompose and each child goes through about 6,700 diapers there was no question that cloth was the way to go. Also, saving about $2,300 did not sound too bad either. She started purchasing different brands never finding one she was completely satisfied with. She realized if she combined the best aspects of each diaper she would have the perfect diaper. So she did just that. It dries faster, has a trimmer fit, is made with better materials and of course, looks cute. She certainly did not think this was type of designing she would be doing when she got her degree in fashion design. But she truly loved making diapers, they allow for a lot of creativity. She had the designing down now she just needed someone business minded. So she enlisted the help of her mom and that is how their adventure began at the Green Sprout.