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    Welcome to the world of Fillo! At the Fillo Factory, with over 25 years experience in the Fillo business, they have perfected the art of creating Fillo dough and value-added Fillo dough products that are not only delicious, nutritious and creative, but also fit into todays lifestyle by being both healthy and convenient. Their team is committed to bringing you and the Fillo enthusiasts in your family a great variety of vegan, vegetarian, organic and Kosher products, made from only the highest quality ingredients. The Fillo Factory branded product line consists of: smooth and silky fillo pastry doughs, fancy vegetarian gourmet appetizers, hearty vegetarian entrees and delectable desserts. In addition, their Aunt Trudys brand offers consumers gourmet quality, single serve vegetarian entrees and desserts that are fully microwavable.