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    An innovator at heart and an engineer by background, Jacques Ram developed and patented an adaptation of these very special lamps, known as Chromalux®, for commercial and home uses. These full spectrum lights bulbs have several qualities that are strikingly different from the common light bulb. Colors appear balanced and true to life, food looks more appetizing, artwork appears as the artist intends, and people look less sallow indoors. These remarkable lights also reduce eyestrain, thus creating an easier environment for work and play. In 1978, Lumiram Electric Corporation was established in the United States. The companys mission was, and continues to be, to promote health and well-being by proliferating the use of premium quality full spectrum lighting sources in businesses and homes. In the past quarter century, it has become widely understood that natural lighting sources have significant healthful effects. Full spectrum bright light therapy is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, which occurs frequently in light-starved regions in the northern hemisphere during winter months. Many scientific studies have demonstrated the healthful effects of full spectrum lights for a broad range of conditions. As they have become more conscious of the ways in which their environments affect their health, full spectrum lighting has become increasingly a part of their daily lives. Lumiram helps to bring the benefits of natural sunlight into their artificially created worlds. For over three decades, Lumiram has been in the business of bringing natural and healthy lighting into peoples lives. With Lumirams broad range of full spectrum incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs to light homes, offices, stores and recreational facilities, life can be as natural and beautiful inside as it is outside.